The world has become mobile

It is no longer enough to be in the web. The immediacy of having the data in the palm of your hand causes that to have a mobile app is the fastest and most direct contact between you and your customers. If you currently offer added value through the web, make that added value moves to mobile, but in a way that suits your customers, their philosophy. We can help you with that, we can create your mobile application and link it to your system. Let the customers comes to you.

Welcome to push notifications

Not only do you have to be on mobile devices, you also have to interact with customers. To do this, the fastest way are notifications, messages that goes directly to your customer's mobiles and that notifies them of anything. Have you launched a new product or service and want all your customers to know it instantly? Do you need warn urgently of any event or incident? Use the notifications, the most interesting and powerful tool at your disposal on mobile devices.


We work with any service provider

If you need to work with a particular service provider we adapt to any: ApiOMat, Parse, Appcelerator, ... You just need an idea and we can carry it out. You do not need your own server or an IT crew at your office to get your idea or product operating. Let the magic of the cloud do its work and worry only on manage your application.